Restoring our environment

Restore your land. In remediating a site, REMEA’s environmental services can adopt an approach that is chemical, biological or physical since all of these methods are part of our armoury.

Three core activities

Services for industrial sites

Decontamination of ponds, effluents,
and sludge on operational sites

Remediation works

Remediation of soil and groundwater
both on and off site

Services for construction sites

Remediation of waste water
and reduction of project spoils.

Master excess soils.

Keep soils where they belong.

See how our heavy civil remediation strategies help overcome your remediation challenges.

Methods used to remediate water and soils

Chemical remediation

Using oxidative and reducing agents to breakdown contaminants.


Using microbes to transform organic and inorganic contaminants.

Physical separation

Using absorption, decanting and filtration units to treat surface and groundwaters.


Using membranes and chemical agents to stabilize soil pollution.

What strategy is right for you?


Most of our environmental contracting services do not require shoring nor dewatering and are effective in low-permeability soils.

Service offerings by sector

Decontamination of ponds, effluents and sludge on operational sites

Transfer stations
Soil processing, segregation, sifting...

Airports and military
Decontamination of PFAS

Redevelopment of brownfield

Supplying backfill, void filling, gravel pits

Mine tailings
Soil and groundwater remediation of mining activities

Current and historical pollution

Oil and gas spills
Delivery of ready-to-use platforms by remediating spills (REMEA) and improving soil (MENARD)

Cleanup of ponds, multi-phase separation, chemical/biological treatments

REMEA’s environmental remediation services

We offer remediation solutions for operational sites and management of pollution migration so you can undertake construction projects on safe grounds.