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As environmental contractors, we excel in precise and innovative remediation solutions that reshape how we handle excess soils.

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Our expert team devises site-specific remediation strategies that minimize risk and leave no room for interpretation so you can rest assured that your projects are built on safe grounds.

Problems with excess soils?

Let’s challenge the notion of designating excess soils as a “waste”. We help project leaders, clients and real-estate developers keep soils on site, often without need for excavation, shoring, nor dewatering. By working with us, you can navigate the regulatory landscape, optimize your project timelines, improve your sustainability goals, and minimize risks for your brownfield projects.

Targeted solutions for key industries

Find out how we deliver targeted environmental remediation solutions for a range of industries. Partner with us to achieve your sustainability goals and earn valuable LEED points.

Decontamination of ponds, effluents and sludge on operational sites

Transfer stations
Soil processing, segregation, sifting...

Airports and military
Decontamination of PFAS

Redevelopment of brownfield

Supplying backfill, void filling, gravel pits

Mine tailings
Soil and groundwater remediation of mining activities

Current and historical pollution

Oil and gas spills
Delivery of ready-to-use platforms by remediating spills (REMEA) and improving soil (MENARD)

Cleanup of ponds, multi-phase separation, chemical/biological treatments


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